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SEO Content Writing Portfolio

From SEO-friendly creative posts to technical SEO articles, below are some of the top performing blogs that I’ve written over the years for many businesses. Scroll down to see a few!

Creative Blogs

What is an SEO-friendly creative blog? Ans: A dash of SEO + a spoon full of creativity = a blog that is fun to read! 
(Hey, you can read my recent blog on the effect of Google’s Search Generative Experience on businesses by clicking the highlighted link. 

Technical Blogs

Writing an SEO-optimized blog can be a challenge, but it’s a tad difficult to write a technical blog with an intention of ranking it on SERPs, that’s because the use of “keywords” has a tiny effect on rankings; it’s more about the framework of the blog and other technicalities that determine its ranking.  

5s of Online Business

Whether you want a copy for a successful online business, online selling,  eCommerce business, or want to start an online business that pays daily—you should note that both On-page and Off-page SEO are going to account for 60% success of your online business in the long run.

Healthcare Blogs

Medical or Healthcare Content Writing is tricky because of the complexity of the topic, but what’s more complex is how Google handles the content of YMYL websites. And if you’re website falls under “Your Money or Your Life”,  sure you’d want to check those EAT signals. 

Can an SEO writer be a poet? Do I use SEO in quotes and poems too? Find out by checking below. And yes, I did troll people on Tinder back in 2020.



Trolling on Tinder

This is not the end...

There are a few more SEO-friendly blogs that you would like to read. Just leave a message and I’ll be happy to share my complete portfolio 🙂

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