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"Not a freelancer, but a part of your team!"

ajinkya balapure Jinx working on laptop
ajinkya b jinxwrites seo content writer
Ajinkya Balapure Jinx writes
ajinkya balapure Jinx working on laptop

Hello there! I’m Ajinkya Balapure, but you can call me Jinx. I’m a writer who’s well-versed in the world of SEO Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Outreach Marketing, and everything in between that involves putting pen to paper. Despite graduating with a degree in B.Sc. Biotechnology, I’ve always had a passion for writing, and I’m excited to have finally found my calling!

Speaking of writing, my book “The Diary Of Xander Green” has been a labour of love for me. It’s been 8 long years of experimenting with the story and overcoming my procrastination to finally bring it to the public. I took a trial-and-error approach to write the book, and it taught me so much about the craft. I’m so confident in my abilities that I’m sure I could write a new book from scratch in under 6 months — as long as I don’t procrastinate, that is!

I have worked as a freelance writer where I wrote content, proofread, and edited clients’ articles. This was before I joined a startup in Pune, where I worked as a full-time content writer for a year and mastered SEO and other technical aspects of digital marketing. After I left my first job, I took a few freelancing projects and then joined a startup that deals with student accommodation worldwide. While I was on the job and doing my own market research, I discovered something:

Many businesses and startups have brilliant products or services but

  • they do not have a workable marketing plan
  • they have included Keywords in their website and blogs, but not all on-page SEO elements are considered
  • their website does not follow SEO best practices and there are instances of Bad SEO
  • their website content does not resonate with their potential customers, or clients, and does not fit into the buyer’s persona.
  • their marketing copies lack one or more elements required for convincing the reader

and the list went on. 

My Mission

Every business out there has a unique product or service that can make our lives better, but they all face one major challenge — delivering it to the right audience. And in the digital era we’re rapidly transitioning into, this challenge has become even more difficult.

The competition is crazy out there, folks. Everyone wants their website to rank on the first page of search engines, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to get there. But here’s the thing — simply having a marketing plan isn’t enough anymore. You need someone who can help you stand out from the crowd and grow your business organically. That’s where I come in.

I’ve worked with renowned organizations, offered my digital marketing services to many businesses and startups, and helped them achieve their goals with practical strategy and execution. I’m already helping a few businesses achieve their targets, and now the question is — will yours be next?

Let’s find out. 

Contact me or write to me at [email protected] 

A Few Achievements

(You can also check client testimonials and see what people are saying about me!)

What Are You Trying to Achieve?

Share your goals with me, and together we can make them a reality

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