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Journey of My Website and Me


I’m Jinx—a writer, an occasional guitarist, and a professional procrastinator—just like Robert McKee, I can procrastinate thinking about my procrastination problems.

Keeping those things aside, I find myself daydreaming 24×7 and yet getting my work done before deadlines. I’m talented, ain’t I? Just kidding. I’ll lose my clients if I don’t deliver content on time. (You can check out the writing and SEO services that I offer by clicking on the highlighted link.)

After working with a startup earlier, as of today, I’m self-employed as a freelance writer and marketer. But the reason why I’m here is to show you something that I started creating back in 2014…

The Diary Of Xander Green! My first novel is finally finding its place in the world ♥

Written in first person POV, the story revolves around an amnesic husband who has a rare medical condition and wants to find out what happened to him. Ahem! You can find more by clicking on the link above.

After years of trial and error, with my constant habit of procrastination and an unrealistic desire to be perfect, I’m getting it together to get my story out there—I’m at the point where I honestly have given up on the desire to be perfect! You can say I was just a writer earlier; thanks to Yoga, now I’m a “content” writer! (Pun intended.)

When it comes to fiction, I think like a five-year-old and try to put my words across in a seemingly engaging way. I love to paint a moving reel in my reader’s mind with my word—and that’s what I’m trying to do with my novel.

The book is in the process of publishing, but you can have a free sample copy of the book! All you have to do is write me a mail.

In an era where everyone’s constantly on the phone, reading can help you take a break from the fast-moving world. It can take you to places without leaving the couch (tripping on books, eh?)

Take your trip and read a book! (P.S: Read mine!)

See you soon, peeps!